Some people also think that if you are fit, you are automatically healthy. Are they right? If so, what does it mean to be fit?

Healthy means many things. It means not being sick or feeling unwell. Healthy people have a strong immune system and can fight off diseases easily. Healthy people also have low cholesterol levels, blood pressure, etc. that are considered to be 'normal'. Healthy conditions may vary from one person to another but there is no exact definition of what constitutes health because there are many factors that contribute to this general state of well-being.

What is Fitness?

As for fitness, it is the opposite state of being unfit or lazy. Fit individuals usually perform specific exercises to keep their bodies toned and in the best physical condition. If you are fit, you have a low percentage of body fat and a healthy heart and lungs. Healthy people don't necessarily have to be fit but if you are fit, it means that your health is far better than an unfit person's because being in good shape enhances your immune system too.

Difference Between Fit and Healthy:

So if both fitness and health go hand in hand, what do they mean when people say that being fit doesn't mean one is healthy? This statement refers to someone having a perfect body or seeming 'perfect' on the outside but suffering from some health problems inside. On the other hand, someone could be ill on the inside but seem physically perfect on the outside - this is not ideal either because at least half your body is affected by a health problem.

Healthy and fit people have a good balance between their bodies and minds. That's because being fit requires you to follow a strict exercise regime that includes exercising regularly, eating healthy foods, avoiding unhealthy foods, taking supplements as well as having a positive mental attitude towards your fitness exercises or activities. 

Healthy people may not necessarily be fit because they choose not to go the extra mile in order to keep themselves fit but if you are both healthy and fit, it means you have found the right equilibrium between your mind and body. Besides following an exercise regime, eating healthy food and avoiding junk food can help improve your overall health - these three things probably take up most of your time and effort when trying to achieve their goal.