Have you ever had hair loss problems? Are you currently suffering from hair loss issues? Most people have. Hair is just like our body's exterior, it can be affected by anything which affects the body, for example diet or medical conditions.

Developing Healthy Habits:

The best way to deal with Hair Loss, whatever type it may be, is to start developing healthy habits such as eating a balanced diet , avoiding stress and maintaining good sleeping patterns . There are also great creams available on the market today that help increase hair growth; you should try some if you haven't already, but make sure they actually work by checking customers' reviews. If your Hair Loss is too noticeable like in the Hair Loss picture above, Hair Transplant Surgery might be the solution for you. Hair Loss is not life threatening but it can affect your emotional well-being if left untreated.

Just recently, I've had some friends who are starting to go bald. It is not a pretty site to see. Hair loss can be devastating! Hair Transplant Surgery, Hair Loss Shampoos, Prescription Medication, Bald patches on the scalp - none of them are the solution. Hair Loss occurs due to many different factors - physical, environmental and emotional stress. Hair loss does not happen overnight so it will take time for your hair to grow again, but there are things you can start doing today that might help speed up the process.

Hair Loss is categorized into two types: 

Androgenic Alopecia (also known as Male Pattern Baldness) and Alopecia Areata (A spot or several spots on head that has lost its hair ). Both male pattern baldness and Hair Loss can lead to Hair Fall and Hair Thinning (noticeable Hair Loss). It is important to remember that everyone loses about 100 strands of hair a day because our bodies naturally replace them. Hair loss happens when this natural replacement process does not keep up with the speed at which we lose them.

Hair Transplant Surgery (which involves moving hair follicles from an area of good hair growth to an area where there is Hair Loss) is very expensive and may leave scars on your head. Hair transplants work best in people who are in the earlier stages of Hair Loss . People who have already lost all or most of their hair will not see any benefit in Hair Transplants because they will only provide more dense hair coverage over the same amount of hair that existed previously - essentially just adding volume where there was no hair before rather than growing new strands